StrongPoint Adventures - Show Us Your StrongPoint!

StrongPoint Adventures is a community building business whose programs are aimed at developing self-confidence and leadership skills as well as focusing the power of group coordination.

StrongPoint promotes dedication to a cleaner environment, community unity, safe buildings and reduction of hazardous waste production. In doing so, we create public awareness for the air quality based non-profit associations, Air Advocates and KESCA.

Our goal is to create a campaign of mass communication to relay the important issues that affect our air quality and environment.

Connecting People Dedicated to Environmental and Social Responsibility

  • Team Building
  • Community Unity
  • Environment

StrongPoint proposes a place for people of all ages to develop self confidence; gain leadership skills; discover the power of group cooperation and learn to view obstacles as opportunities for growth. Our business will help people respect diversity and promote equality. It will also contribute to the development of the total person; all while being an economical way to get away.

With its many sponsored events, StrongPoint is dedicated to ensure maximum exposure of this important cause and our sponsors who help promote these important issues. We have prepared a detailed schedule of events, creating many opportunities for citizens and businesses in your local community to benefit. All we need is your support to make the proposed adventure park, StrongPoint Adventures a reality.

We have a multi level business plan for StrongPoint Adventures which includes high tech as well as low tech activities. The adventure begins with your support and sponsorship.